Composite or white fillings are used to repair holes in teeth (damaged tooth structure) caused by decay. They can be also used to repair broken teeth (buildups)

Fillings are also used to repair abrasions caused by hard tooth brush use. This can leave teeth very sensitive to your favourite cold foods. This is sometimes called bonding.

An alternative to composite or white fillings is the amalgam or silver filling. This has been controversial over time due to the presence of Mercury; however, these fillings have still proven their durability, versatility and  cost effectiveness .

Some people are quick to advocate for the removal of undamaged amalgam fillings; however, it must also be known that you will be re-exposed to Mercury vapour during the removal process.

Replacing your silver fillings without a cause, especially if they are extensive,  may also lead to severe sensitivity which may require you to get a root canal. In every decision it is important to do research and seek guidance from your dentist as to which filing they think best suits your needs.

The best advice would be to maintain the oral hygiene to prevent the need for a filling.

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